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ATS - Competencies and Training System

ATS CAT Entry Screen: click to enlarge The ATS Competencies and Training System can run either as an individual application or as an additional module for the Attendance Tracking System. In either configuration the system is a comprehensive tool for the management of training courses, course providers and staff training history. The system includes a training diary for course booking and full cost management. In addition to the diary, courses can be managed by individual, listing the history of courses take and also by course expiration date.

Training Diary

ATS CAT Diary Screen: click to enlarge The training diary allows you to view your course bookings, by day, week or month. It shows which courses have been booked, where they have been booked and a list of the delegates. You can also filter the diary to specify which location to view, or which course or even which course provider. The system will also highlight delegates who have left or courses which have been cancelled.

Course Management

ATS CAT Course Screen: click to enlarge Competencies and Training has a comprehensive system to manage the course details and the course providers. This allows you to monitor which courses are supplied by which providers and select the best value options. You can produce a detailed course description sheet and joining instructions to be given to the attendees.


ATS CAT Booking Screen: click to enlarge Each course booking holds a large amount of information about the course and its booking. This includes the basic course information of when, what course and who is providing it; date checks for when information has been sent out to costing and invoicing information. Click on the image to view the full list of fields. The system can automatically email course details and joining instructions to the delegates along with a reminder when the course date gets close.

When linked to the Attendance Tracking System, course bookings can automatically update employee calendars and warn when training is about to expire.


ATS CAT Report Screen: click to enlarge Competencies and Training also provides a comprehensive reporting suit which allows you to search for any detail you wish to capture. This gives you the ability to search for any data entered into a course booking. There are also predefined reports for training booked, cancelled, completed and due.

Further Information

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