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Application Development Services

If you require an application developed to your own requirements please contact our sales department on . We will analyse your requirement and then design and create a web based application customised specifically for your needs.

Application Environment

Our applications are designed using CFML (Coldfusion Markup Language). Coldfusion is a very stable and powerful tool for applications development. Coldfusion is Java based, which allows it flexibility on the serving platform from Microsoft Windows, Unix or any platform which can host a J2EE server. Applications can be certified to be accessed via Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape and Opera depending on your requirement. If your application requires database access we can develop for MS Access, MS SQL server, MY SQL and Oracle.

Although our applications currently require a Coldfusion server and Web server to operate, we will shortly be introducing a new runtime environment which will allow the applications to execute on any machine, even from a CD.

Further Information

Please contact  for further information and development rates.

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