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Attendance Tracking System (ATS)

ATS entry screen: click to enlarge ATS is a web based integrated Attendance Tracking System developed with the offshore community in mind. Scaleable from the smallest of installations to whole companies tracking thousands of employees over multiple locations. ATS can simplify the task of managing and planning shift rosters, visitors, bedding, skills and personnel movements.


ATS calendar screen: click to enlarge Automatically generate shift rosters for individuals by simply entering a start date and the shift pattern you wish to use. A full editing system is included allowing individual rosters to be modified or groups of rosters to be changed in bulk. You can also copy rosters from one individual to another allowing you to use one as a template for others. System codes available to record training, holidays, service days, delays etc. This is complemented with notes allowing any date to be annotated.


ATS visitor screen: click to enlarge Manage people who are visiting locations with the visitor booking system. This allows you to book visitors to multiple locations over a period of time and manage their flight and bed requirements.



ATS reports screen: click to enlarge With over 20 reports available you can view monthly three monthly or annual shift patterns of all individuals at a given location. View individual departments and companies to ensure appropriate manning levels. Produce listings of personnel at a given location on a given date. These reports, broken down by trade, give an instant view of who is at that location on any given date. The reports also breakdown the skills available at that location to ensure minimum manning levels are retained. Generate daily movements sheets showing who is arriving and departing. This report is available in two views, the Movements Report, which gives a detailed breakdown of who is traveling from where to where or a two-column flight list showing arrivals and departures.

ATS summary screen: click to enlarge Month Summary Reports give a quick view of any month allowing for easy planning of crews, movements, bedding and skills. At a glance see how many people are available for a given trade, how many people are arriving & departing or how many beds are available. Direct access to detailed screens. Apply cost codes to individuals. This allows you to produce reports on the days worked by individuals for each cost code or the number or arrivals and departures. You can also report on the costings for travel to and from each location. Annual Summary Reports allow you to see at a glance how many days have been worked, days training, holiday etc. An ideal tool to manage your staff to ensure that individuals are working an appropriate number of days throughout their annual shift pattern.

Further Information

There are many more features and reports as well as subsystems which link into ATS, see Documents, Modules & Downloads in the side bar for more information.

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