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We have produced a range data management applications, managing staff, equipment, data and tasks. We also provide system to manage security of locations using the latest webcam and motion detection software. If there is a product you require which is not in this list of key products, please have a look at our development pages; we may have already created something similar or can develop a new application for your needs.

All of our applications are designed using Macromedia ColdFusion technology. The applications are all web based, designed to work over over your local intranet. This gives you centralised control of the application itself and flexibility over the platform and browser used.

Attendance Tracking System (ATS)

Attendance Tracking System (ATS) ATS is an integrated Attendance Tracking System developed with the offshore community in mind. Scaleable from the smallest of installations to whole companies tracking thousands of employees over multiple locations. ATS can simplify the task of managing and planning shift rosters, visitors, bedding and personnel movements. ArrowMore information...

Competencies and Training

Competencies and Training A full training and competency management tool. This system allows you to manage courses, course providers and staff training. Integrated diary to manage course bookings and flexible search and reporting subsystem. This application can run stand alone or integrated with the Attendance Tracking System to increase the functionality of both applications. ArrowMore information...

CCTV Security Systems

CCTV Security Systems Solutions from a single camera to 64 cameras per Image Server, from a single room to whole buildings and their perimeters. We can supply basic cameras, weather proof enclosures and advanced pan, tilt and zoom cameras. Images are stored on an Image Server which you can use to manage your CCTV cameras over your local intranet or via the internet. Constant feeds from the cameras can be displayed or alerts can be sent when motion is detected. Store and archive images on the Image Server and then remotely view them. ArrowMore information...

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