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CCTV Security Systems

Riverside can provide you with a wide range of CCTV security products. We can help you to remotely view and record images from cameras based inside or outside your building. This allows you to secure areas such as server rooms, reception areas or entire buildings and their perimeters.

How does it work?

Click to enlargeFirstly we will make a site survey to work out the best way to implement your security needs. We can install an entirely new system or interface to your existing security cameras. Our systems use the internet or your local intranet to transfer images from the cameras to an Image Server where they are stored for a selected period of time depending on disc space available. Images can be archived for long term storage if required.

View Milestone XProtect demoThe Image Server runs XProtect camera management software developed by Milestone Systems. Each Image Server can manage between 1 and 64 cameras, it can be used to view multiple images simultaneously, control cameras and alert in the event of motion detection. The Image Server also acts as a web server for the images allowing you to remotely access streams of images or individual frames via the internet or your intranet.

Further Information

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