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Attendance Tracking System (ATS) Downloads

You must be an existing ATS customer to download the latest version. You will require your exisiting LICENSE KEY to use the downloaded application files. If you have been instructed to download by Riverside support you will be sent your license key directly by email. If you wish to purchase or update your license please contact Riverside sales by email on

Upgrade Instructions

  1. Check your existing ATS version. Start ATS and click on the Attendance Tracking logo on the left of the menu bar. Note the version and serial number.
  2. Users of ATS version 2.04.01 or earlier will require an updated License Key to activate versions 2.04.12 onwards, if you have not received your new license key please email  to receive one.
  3. Download the required version of the ATS application and save it into a temporary directory.
  4. Make a backup of your existing ATS application directory.
  5. Extract the ATS application files into your ATS application directory. If you are upgrading from version 2.04.01 or earlier you will also need to extract your license key into this directory.
  6. Open your web browser and start ATS. If you have not used ATS versions 2.04.12 onwards you will be presented with a configuration screen. You will need to enter your ATS datasource to start the system. For more information please see the readme file in your ATS directory.

Available Downloads

ATS Version 2.04.1317th Jan 2006
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